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What is a DECOZI Decorative window film?

DECOZI decorative film is a self-adhesive film that recreates the look and feel of expensive privacy glass, stained glass, frosted glass and more aesthetic patterned glass. It is easy install and removes. It increases privacy; reduce glare and blocks 99% of damaging UV rays. DECOZI products are available in a variety of patterns and sizes to fit most windows.

  • PSA Type Aggressive Adhesive
  • Guaranteed not to bubble, peel or separate from the glass
  • Prevent fading from harmful solar rays.
  • Minimizes glare from the sun during the day
  • 99% UV Ray Blocking



Save Energy and Reduce Heat Loss

The issue of energy efficiency has come to head in recent years for two major reasons: to be more environmentally friendly and to save money. The use of heating and air conditioning has especially come to the attention of house and condominium owners, due to the high price that excessive use can result in. A common culprit that aggravates this already tricky problem is a home’s windows. Windows can be a source of heat loss through leaks and also a source of an increase in temperature via solar heat. A simple and cost effective way of using heating and air conditioning wisely, and while solving the problem that windows pose to energy efficiency can be found SLP Solar Film’s IR film series.



Introducing SLP Safety & Security film

Our safety and security films are offered at thicknesses of 8 and 12 micrometres, and both types have been carefully tested to ensure quality. Our 12 mil (micrometre) product has been tested and its extraordinary protective quality has been recognized by many different countries. SLP Solar Film Safety Film was tested under the European standard conditions and approved European certificates, such as EN12600, EN356.

  • Prevent the Hurricane, Vandalism and any other threat.
  • Optical Clarity (Low haze)
  • High Molecule PSA adhesive
  • 99% UV Ray Blocking
  • Available in 72” width

(Lifetime – Residential, 15 Years – Commercial) product warranty that includes replacement film and labour



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