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Create a look like no other

With an incredible range of colors and transparencies to choose from, it’s easy to create just the effect you’re after with Sansin Enviro Stains. But if you have something special in mind – something unlike anything else out there –  we’ll work with you to create just the look you’re after.

Some of the things to keep in mind, especially when creating a custom color, is that it can vary dramatically from one substrate to another. The same color stain applied to pine, cedar or spruce will look quite different  – not to mention that you can control the level of finish with the number of coats and and/or topcoats you apply. We take pride in our stain matches, and that is why we are the go to store, for professionals & home owners. Stain matching is delicate, and requires some extra time to achieve a perfect match.

What We Need From You

A sample colour of the stain you want us to match, and a piece of the wood that you’ll be staining, the bigger the better. Remember, the wood species will affect the final colour. It is extremely important you bring us the same type of wood for the match as you’ll be using for your project.

Over the years we have worked with many happy clients on a variety of projects, large and small – and we look forward to working with you on yours!

*All stain matches require 48 hours

*If a standard colour ends up matching your stain there is no charge for the match. However if we have to custom blend and create a perfect match for you there is a fee of $49.99/quart and $120.99/gallon which includes the stain.