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Naturally Perfect® Wood Protection

The idea of protecting wood with nature's own ingredients is almost as old as wood itself. More than a thousand years ago, the ancient peoples of Norway took resin and gums from the heartwood of trees, warmed it and applied it to their Stave Churches with a broom. Those buildings are still standing. Sansin Enviro Stains are created using the same principle.

With Sansin Enviro Stains, not only can you protect your wood naturally - you can also invite the beauty of nature into your life. Our collection of 79 unique colors is inspired by the stunning beauty of our world - the deep blue of a summer's sky, the rich yellows of the ripe harvest, the pure tones of the Southern desert.

Sansin doesn't just stain your wood; it actually becomes an integral part of your wood's cell structure, protecting it naturally from within. Because Sansin stains are water-borne, they can be applied even to wood with a high moisture content. And they're not harmful to the environment.


The Science behind healthy wood.

Wood is a tremendously versatile material - and as long as it's protected, a very strong and durable one. Water, ultraviolet (UV) rays and fungi can all seriously damage your wood. Traditional petroleum and acrylic-based coatings protect wood by forming a surface film which repels water and UV rays. Unfortunately, this tends to prevent evaporation, trapping moisture in the wood and making it prone to decay. Sansin lets wood "breathe" more freely - dramatically improving dimensional stability and allowing wood to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment. Once it bonds with your wood, Sansin forms a long-lasting shield that aggressively repels condensed water while allowing water vapor to escape.

As well, the paraffin waxes used to protect against water in many water and solvent-based coatings are easily damaged by exposure to UV radiation - just 5 hours of direct sunlight can reduce water repellency by over 60%*. Like your own skin, your home needs dependable UV protection. Sansin's modified natural oils and resins are impregnated with special UV protectants so every exposed cell of your wood is protected. Because of their unique formulation, Sansin Enviro Stains also protect naturally against wood decay.

Sansin Enviro Stains are designed to keep your wood healthy - just as Mother Nature intended. Whether it's your home, your deck or your furniture, Sansin provides the long-lasting, beautiful protection your home deserves. 


LEGAL TYPE     *Water-based vs. solvent-based formulations. Wood Science Faculty, U of T / Jan.'02