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Custom Colour Matching

We do not charge for custom colour matching. We do offer computerized colour matching, but all colours are still checked for accuracy before they leave the store ensuring you get the right colour when you get home. We have the ability to match paints, stains and just about anything you desire!

TIP: Custom colour matching is not easy and may require many alterations to the colour before it is accurate. "Big Box" stores claim its as easy as walking in and scanning a shirt and walking out with the perfect paint colour. That is hardly the case. We use the same computerized colour matching technology and many times this is not the case. In many cases we still have to alter the colour for accuracy. Colour matching is time consuming and please allow us ample time to accurately match your colour. Some colours and products do not allow for a speedy colour match (ie. alkyd paints). Please if possible drop off a adequate sample of the colour you want and allow us ample time to accurately match it for you.

In Home Colour Consultations (need a professional opinion?)

Have a decorator come to your house and bring out larger paint samples, along with their expertise. The decorator will put all the colours together for you and supply you with them on a full layout by room. If you are having a professional painter paint for you we can give them a copy as well. We do charge for In home colour consultations. The fee is $50.00/hr and can be paid directly to the decorator after the consultation is complete. Usually 1 hour is enough time to walk through the entire house and choose colours.

In-Home Window Covering Consultation

A FREE service we provide when your interested in new window coverings. We carry SHUTTERS, BLINDS, and SHADES for the interior and exterior of your home. A typical in home consultation includes picking out the material and kind of window covering you are interested in as well as measuring and quoting for your blinds. Please call, stop in, or use the Contact Us page to schedule your appointment.

Professional Window Covering Installation

We do offer professional installation on all of our custom window coverings. The fee's range depending on the quantity of blinds, the distance of travel, and the level of difficulty installing them. For an accurate quote please contact us.

Colour Testers

A great way to see the exact colour for your walls. Colour tester allow you to paint a large piece of drywall, cardboard or any surface to see the colour before you commit. The colour testers are 1/2 of a quart size and are available in ANY Benjamin Moore colour.

TIP: When using wet colour samples to find the perfect colour, avoid painting the samples directly on the wall. You are better off to paint the sample on a separate piece of drywall or paintable surface and then place the sample in the room to be painted. If you paint the sample directly onto your walls, you will see the texture of the sample after you have painted the room. To avoid having to sand the sample off the wall, paint your samples on a separate surface.

Personal Colour Viewer

A computer program that allows you to take a photo of your room and import it into the program. From that point you can modify your room with ANY Benjamin Moore colours or faux finishes. The program comes with some preset room layouts, but you have the ability to import your own room picture. The Personal Colour Viewer is available in store or download your own copy from

Custom Aerosol Spray Paint

Put just about any paint into a convenient and ready to use spray cans. Can be done with Alkyd or Latex paints. You can even bring in your existing paint to put into spray cans for touch ups!
$14.99 / can

Custom Stain Matching

One of the hardest things to match is stain! Let our professionals help you get the right colour for your next stain project. We match interior penetrating & gel stains as well as exterior stains. Click here for more info.

Window Films

We use high quality window films from Decozi. We offer many different variations from frosted, opaque, translucent, decorative, reflective or simply clear. All films provide 99% UV protection. Click here for more info.