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Madico Window Film
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 Enjoy Beauty, Safety, and Savings with Residential Window Film and experience your home in a better light with Madico residential window film.


Decozi Inc.


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DECOZI Window Film is nationally known window film brand which has been a leader of the market for more than 10 years, proudly serving professional installers, designers and architects in Canadian industry.  DECOZI Window Film is being used in many residential and commercial buildings. 

DECOZI window film has been providing a variety of films on the purpose of the decorative, privacy and more.  Our reputation assures the highest product quality which is innovative with the most competitive prices.



Smart Film
    We Make Ordinary Glass Come Alive!


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Smart Film Inc is a leading Manufacturer of Smart Film (Switchable Film) & Smart Glass since 2015 with more than 60 Dealers located throughout North America. Being the first to acquiring UL Safety Recognition for the North American Market.

Smart Film (Switchable Film) is designed to be installed on pre-existing glass, plexi-glass or any hard smooth surface. Our first priority is a quality product for a fair price. We have a price match guarantee to follow this up!


Understanding the different types of window films

Neutral Film: These type of films help reduce the amount of heat entering a home without changing the look of windows. There is no distortion and minimal reflection. This film helps reduce cooling costs without sacrificing the amount of natural light coming into your home.

Reflective Film: These type of films are the most common type of window film in residential and commercial industry. These films absorb and reflect the energy and heat from the sun that would normally pass through glass.

Dual Reflective Film: These types of films are highly reflective on both the outside and inside of the film. Dual reflective film works much in the same way that ordinary reflective film does expect this film absorbs the energy passing both ways through the glass. This reduces the amount of light and view in and out of the applied window.

Safety and Security Film:  Glass is fragile, however there are films to protect from accidental or intentional breakage. While glass can still break after an impact, the film can help to prevent shattering and keep the glass in place. In the event of extreme weather, security film will help reduce the risk of injury due to flying glass. Retail stores can benefit as criminals may be deterred if a window or glass door does not immediately break.

Decorative Film: Save money on expensive glass inserts. Decorative films can increase privacy while still allowing for natural light. Available in many patterns to suit your residential or commercial needs. 

Warranty: All window films we supply come with warranty. Varies by product, please contact for more details. 

Transitional Film: Transitional window films are triggered to change from ‘clear’ to a ‘darker’, tinted state in the sun. Once exposed, the photochromic interlayer chemically responds within 30 seconds tinting glass when needed. It provides a 20-40% transition based on sun intensity and activates within 30 seconds of UV exposure but will return to original state within five minutes out of direct sunlight.

Smart Film: Smart Film can be used anywhere there's existing glass in any size and any shape! Change Smart Film instantly with a simple ON – OFF switch changes the PDLC film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.